I overshare

I over care

I have too many emotions

To go around

Tears at the drop of a hat

You think it’s just that.

But I know

That from the years of aching numbness

When the only feeling

Present to me

Was the dull thud of my own heart beat

That my body is only just now

Learning how to feel again.

I throw my emotions around

Like sharp bullets

That hit the bulls eye


But that’s not the case

Many think I’m smiling and laughing

At their cold, blunt jokes

Always the punch line

Or just a human punching bag

With all the jokes cracked

When I too

On the inside

Am slowly tearing at the seams

It’s a tolerance

As low as that I have for alcohol,

But the numbness is coming back

So soon it won’t be such an inconvenience

For anyone anymore.