Fallen Stars

We are all fallen stars

One by one dangling on an iridescent thread

Somewhere far away

Where time slows down

And our lives slowly drift away

We are all fallen stars

Waiting to fall

Waiting for the gravitational pull

To tear us apart

Some of us will be up there forever

Slowly burning

A ball of fire

Tensed up and fixed into a foetal position

Until one day we spring apart

We shoot off

A myriad of colourful explosions

Into the nothingness

And embrace the moon

Like the old friend it truly is

Exceeding all limitations.




Picture Source: Pilar Zeta on Tumblr




Transient states

Erratic, dismal, hyper and then

Like a pen trailing off

All is calm, all is still.

Growing up

Your heart tearing

Emotions overspilling

Like clumsy wine sloshing over the side.

Finding self

Is like finding a needle in a haystackscatterbrain-kate-powell

There may be plenty of fish in the sea

But how do you point out the one

That is you, in a school made up of a million


Each swimming

Breathing, being, talking

Chattering all at once.

What am I?

What is self?

One hive mind

Expected to accommodate for

The cookie cutter clean look

Pictured in the magazines.

I am a flurry of ideas, self-doubts, what ifs

But also of adrenaline, charisma and daydreaming.

My self is not a slot easily categorised

I feel how I feel

And are what I am.



Artwork: Kate Powell https://uk.pinterest.com/moonwolf1/artist-kate-powell/




I overshare

I over care

I have too many emotions

To go around

Tears at the drop of a hat

You think it’s just that.

But I know

That from the years of aching numbness

When the only feeling

Present to me

Was the dull thud of my own heart beat

That my body is only just now

Learning how to feel again.

I throw my emotions around

Like sharp bullets

That hit the bulls eye


But that’s not the case

Many think I’m smiling and laughing

At their cold, blunt jokes

Always the punch line

Or just a human punching bag

With all the jokes cracked

When I too

On the inside

Am slowly tearing at the seams

It’s a tolerance

As low as that I have for alcohol,

But the numbness is coming back

So soon it won’t be such an inconvenience

For anyone anymore.



Domino Effect

Standing tall and proud

Those shadowy figures

That surround

There outlines blur

Their faces hidden

And yet they stand

High up in the background.

They told you they would be there

When the sun was shining

When the birds were gliding

When the flowers were blooming.

Then you stumbled

And like a hundred dominoes

They all fell down

Now there’s only one of you standing

But one’s all you need

Why rely on a house of cards

Unstable, unreliable

When you can favour who you are?


-E xxx

Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham

The mist from the river

Settles above

Like a hovering, silver web

Protecting the inhabitants of the lake

A force field engulfing the grounds.


The leaves

Like crushed velvet

Are scattered like confetti

With buds of new life

Hidden beneath.


The air is cold and crisp

But in a refreshing

Slap-you-awake sense of being.


I sit on a wrought iron bench

My eyes slightly glazed

Taking in the morning beauty

Of the old Tudor house.


Crowned with crows

Hiding a dark, desperate secret

Buried in the past

Never to be rediscovered.


-E xxx

Photo Credit: tiikka at https://www.flickr.com/photos/36599408@N02/3376557384 (although I altered the colour saturation to make it black and white)